Monday, 27 July 2015

IEB Matric Art Exhibition/Competition 2015 3 – 8 August, 2015

Opening on Monday, 3 August at 6:30p.m.
Prize giving on Saturday, 8 August at 11a.m.

Over the last couple of years we have been approached at times and discussed artworks produced by scholars at private schools in KZN and how they do not receive the recognition they deserve.
In response to this we had our first IEB Matric Art Exhibition and Competition in September 2014. Again this year, we have set aside one week in August (3 - 8 August) to show the best works produced by scholars at the schools we have found that do the IEB Matric Art.
The way this exhibition works is that each school is asked to select a maximum of three to five works (depending on space available) of this year's Matric Art student body to compete for three prizes, as determined by a panel of independent judges selected from Durban galleries and Durban University of Technology Fine Art department.
The prizes available are as follows: 1st  prize R1,000, 2nd prize R750, 3rd prize R500 and three merit prizes of R250 each.
Obviously, we believe that this IEB Matric Art exhibition and competition will be an extra incentive to the students to produce excellent works.
The 12 participating schools are:       
Clifton College, Durban Girls' College, Epworth, Hilton College, Marist Stella, Michaelhouse, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Anne's Diocesan College, St. Henry’s Marist College, St. Marys' DSG, Thomas More College, Treverton College

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

"Umlambo Uzwiwa nge Dondolo" by Bambo Sibiya 20 July - 1 August 2015

2012 Absa L’Atelier Gerard Sekoto Winner’s Solo Exhibition

  The French cultural network of Alliances Française in Southern Africa, together with ABSA L'Atelier Art Competition, in collaboration with Alliance Française de Durban and artSPACE Durban, is pleased to announce “Umlambo Uzizwa nge Dondolo”, an intriguing solo exhibition presented by winner of the prestigious 2012 Gerard Sekoto prize, Bambo Sibiya.

The solo exhibition Umlambo Uzizwa nge Dondolo - a traditional isiZulu expression literally meaning “to test the waters, in the hopes of  deciphering someone or something’s character” - is an exploration of the various aspects of township life, with particular emphasis on single-parent households and the position of men within these households. Within this discourse, Sibiya explores the lifestyle of migrant labourers who had left their families and moved to Johannesburg at the peak of Apartheid, in the hopes of finding work.

Sibiya’s visual and conceptual compositions are influenced by the characters which have become an impressionable part of his experiences being one of three children raised by a single mother in KwaThema Township, just outside of Johannesburg. In his works, Sibiya captures women’s eternal fight for finding ways of feeding, nurturing, and protecting their children and families. In the series of children’s faces, Sibiya invites us to celebrate the beauty and promise that children hold for the world, but never forgetting to make the viewer aware of the responsibility that one holds in shaping the future of South Africa. Sibiya further pays homage to the township men who he and his siblings were surrounded by during childhood. Amongst these men, were migrant workers referred to as omuSwenka (the swenkas) who would regularly take part in amateur fashion shows to flaunt their immaculate fashion sense and cheeky attitude.

The exhibition ends on Saturday, 1 August at 2p.m. 


"still point" a solo exhibition by Fran Saunders 20 July - 1 August, 2015

 ‘…at the still point there the dance is’ – T.S. Eliot

Opening talk by Carol Brown, Durban based art curator, museum consultant, and writer

I’m interested in changes wrought in the human psyche through discipline and sometimes pain, and the moments of grace which transcend apparent limitations. The alchemical colours and limited palette enable this focus by evoking the three main stages in alchemy: nigredo (blackening - burning off the dross), albedo (whitening - purification by fire), and rubedo (reddening - as the spirit is again made flesh.)
I however do not want to enclose these works in a single discourse but allow them to be  open to multiple interpretations.

Useful keys:
forging point
turning point
melting point
firing point
tipping point
vanishing point

Fran Saunders

The exhibition ends on Saturday, 1 August at 2p.m. 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

Facebook has forced us to become a Page!

Hello All,
Yesterday I tried to access our Facebook group but was denied access and forced to open a Page.  We already had a page, so have deleted the one.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Durban - Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow" 29 June - 18 July 2015

artSPACE durban’s Inspiration VI Exhibition

A City is an entity constantly changing and mirroring the aspirations
and values of its citizens and governing systems.

As we live in our cities we create our own ghettos and thus are mostly
unaware and unfamiliar with vast sections of them.

For a second time since our first Inspiration exhibition artSPACE
durban invited twenty-five of our best Durban artists to join us in an
eight hour tour of city, seldom if ever visited.

The tour was designed to give our artists a day away from their usual
work places and environment to reflect on the theme of the exhibition
while in different and unfamiliar surroundings with all that entails.

The result of this exercise is the exhibition “Durban - Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow”, which will be shown at artSPACE durban.

The 19 participating artists are: 
Caroline Birch, Jane Oliver, Grace Kotze, Coral Spencer, Nicole Pletts,
Trui Roozeveld van der Ven, Scott Bredin, Pascale Chandler, Celeste Bredin, Bronwyn Bruce, 
Lee Scott Hempson, Andreas Chasomeris, Bernice Stott, Corne Eksteen, Deidre Maree, Pam Benporath, 
Karen Bradtke, Michele Silk and Mandy Kok