Friday, 12 September 2014

Walkabout by Bernice Stott on Saturday, 13 September at 11a.m.

Bernice Stott is giving a walkabout of her exhibition 

Liquid Light: Forms drawn from water 


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Liquid Light: Forms drawn from water by Bernice Stott

Seventy one percent of the Earth is blue- covered in water. Today, water has become a saleable commodity known as the “Blue Gold of the future” and is third in line to oil in its economic value. Our sixth great extinction of life on earth will arise through water shortage. In this exhibition the artist is attempting to represent water‘s liquidity in solid form-sculpture, when photography is more closely able to do this through the medium’s ability to capture light. In reflecting on water’s social and symbolic value, the work alludes to the mystique of water to precipitate a fresh reverence for it.

Bernice will give a walkabout on Saturday, 13 September at 11a.m.
The exhibition ends on Saturday, 27 September at 2p.m.

a very still life by louise jennings and jeannie kinsler

“a very still life” 
 louise jennings and jeannie kinsler 

a new exhibition of still lives in paint and ceramic by louise jennings and jeannie kinsler

although their style and technique are so different these two artists and friends both have an inexhaustible awareness of their immediate surroundings - an orderly sense of stillness pervades

inspired by a moment of light, by objects that hold memories within, by form and colour - these new works offer a further insight into their personal spaces

The exhibition ends on Saturday, 27 September at 2p.m.

IEB Matric Art KZN Exhibition/Competition Prize giving on Saturday, 6 Septemberat 11a.m.

Over the last couple of years we have been approached at times and discussed artworks produced by scholars at private schools in KZN and how they do not receive the recognition they deserve.
In response we have set aside one week in September (Opening 1 September at 6:30p.m. through  Prize giving 6 September at 11a.m.) to show the best works produced by scholars at the schools we have found that do the IEB Matric Art.
The way this exhibition works is that each school is asked to select a maximum of five works of this year's Matric Art student body to compete for six prizes, as determined by a panel of independent judges selected from Durban galleries and Durban University of Technology Fine Art department.
Obviously, we believe that this IEB Matric Art exhibition and competition will be an extra incentive to the students to produce excellent works.
Participating schools are:       
Hilton College, Michaelhouse, Our Lady of Fatima, Durban Girls' College, Marist Stella, Thomas More College, St. Anne's Diocesan College, St. Marys' DSG, Epworth, Clifton College, Treverton College

First Prize - Keyla Aufrichtig, Durban Girls' College, "Oh, Honey"

Second Prize - Jamie Taylor, Epworth, shells and ink

Third Prize - Nivaan Pather, Clifton College, "Sons of Slaves"

Merit Prize - Kylie Kuhl, St. Mary's DSG, "White Man on Bench"

Merit Prize - Julian McIntosh, Hilton College, "Torn"

Merit Prize - Georgina Wilkes, Durban Girls' College, "Africa"

Clifton College

Durban Girls' College


Hilton College

Maris Stella

Maris Stella


Our Lady of Fatima

St. Anne's Diocesan College

St. Mary's DSG

Thomas More College

Thomas More College

Treverton College

Monday, 1 September 2014